Twig Property

You can access the current session manager via this.session and it returns the object Illuminate\Session\Store current session configuration.

# this.session.get()

You can retrieve data from the session by passing the key name to this.session.get as the first argument.

{{ this.session.get('key') }}

You may also pass a default value as the second argument.

{{ this.session.get('key', 'default') }}

# this.session.has()

The this.session.has method can determine if an item exists in the session.

{% if this.session.has('key') %}
    <h1>We found key in the session</h1>
{% endif %}

# this.session.put()

The this.session.put method is used to store session data.

{% do this.session.put('my-preference', 'value') %}

# this.session.forget()

The this.session.forget will delete a single key (first argument) from the session.

{% do this.session.forget('key') %}

To remove all the session data, use this.session.flush instead.

{% do this.session.flush() %}

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