Twig Function

The carbon() function can be used to handle dates and times using Twig, prepared with a Carbon object (opens new window) and all its available functions.

The supplied value will be automatically converted to the current timezone depending on the cms.timezone configuration setting, which can be set using a site definition.

To output the current date time value:

{{ carbon('now') }}

To specify a custom value:

{{ carbon('2024-01-01 02:13:23') }}

# format

The format method can be used to apply various formats.

Meeting starts at {{ carbon(event.start_at).format('H:i') }} in Johannesburg.

# formatLocalized

Format a local time/date according to locale settings, this is the equivalent to strftime in PHP.

{{ carbon(article.created_at).formatLocalized('%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S') }}

# diffForHumans

The diffForHumans method will render the difference between a date and now in human readible text.

{{ carbon(post.published_at).diffForHumans() }}

# Cache Busting URLs

You can use the format to produce cache busting URLs.

// Outputs:

Then build the URL like the following.

<img src="{{ 'assets/images/image_file.jpg'|theme }}?{{ carbon('now').format('m.d.y.H.i.s') }}" alt="" />