Tag List

Tag List

Form Widget

The taglist form widget renders a field for inputting a list of tags.

    type: taglist
    separator: space

The following field properties are supported and commonly used.

Property Description
label a name when displaying the form field to the user.
default specifies a default string value, optional.
comment places a descriptive comment below the field.
mode controls how the value is returned, either string, array or relation. Default: string
separator separate tags with the specified character, either comma or space. Default: comma
customTags allows custom tags to be entered manually by the user. Default: true
options specifies an array for predefined options.
optionsMethod specifies a method name for predefined options, defined on the model or as a static method, eg Class::method. Set to true to use model getFieldOptions method.
nameFrom if relation mode is used, a model attribute name for displaying the tag name. Default: name
useKey use the key instead of value for saving and reading data. Default: false

A tag list support the same methods for defining the options as the dropdown field type.

    type: taglist
        - Red
        - Blue
        - Orange

You may use the mode called relation where the field name is a many-to-many relationship. This will automatically source and assign tags via the relationship. If custom tags are supported, they will be created before assignment.

    type: taglist
    mode: relation

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