Data Table

Data Table

Form Widget

datatable - renders an editable table of records, formatted as a grid. Cell content can be editable directly in the grid, allowing for the management of several rows and columns of information.

    type: datatable
    adding: true
    deleting: true
    columns: []
    recordsPerPage: false
    searching: false

In order to use this with a model, the field should be defined in the jsonable property or anything that can handle storing as an array.

The following field properties are supported and commonly used.

Property Description
label a name when displaying the form field to the user.
default specifies a default string value, optional.
comment places a descriptive comment below the field.
adding allow records to be added to the data table. Default: true.
btnAddRowLabel defines a custom label for the "Add Row Above" button.
btnAddRowBelowLabel defines a custom label for the "Add Row Below" button.
btnDeleteRowLabel defines a custom label for the "Delete Row" button.
columns an array representing the column configuration of the data table. See the Column configuration section below.
deleting allow records to be deleted from the data table. Default: false.
dynamicHeight if true, the data table's height will extend or shrink depending on the records added, up to the maximum size defined by the height configuration value. Default: false.
fieldName defines a custom field name to use in the POST data sent from the data table. Leave blank to use the default field alias.
height the data table's height, in pixels. If set to false, the data table will stretch to fit the field container.
keyFrom the data attribute to use for keying each record. This should usually be set to id. Only supports integer values.
postbackHandlerName specifies the AJAX handler name in which the data table content will be sent with. When set to null (default), the handler name will be auto-detected from the request name used by the form which contains the data table. It is recommended to keep this as null.
recordsPerPage the number of records to show per page. If set to false, the pagination will be disabled.
searching allow records to be searched via a search box. Default: false.
toolbar an array representing the toolbar configuration of the data table.

# Column Configuration

The data table widget allows for the specification of columns as an array via the columns configuration variable. Each column should use the field name as a key, and the following configuration variables to set up the field.


        type: string
        title: ID
                message: Please enter a number
        type: string
        title: Name
Option Description
type the input type for this column's cells. Must be one of the following: string, checkbox, dropdown or autocomplete.
options for dropdown and autocomplete columns only - this specifies the AJAX handler that will return the available options, as an array. The array key is used as the value of the option, and the array value is used as the option label.
readOnly whether this column is read-only. Default: false.
title defines the column's title.
validation an array specifying the validation for the content of the column's cells. See the Column validation section below.
width defines the width of the column, in pixels.

# Column Validation

Column cells can be validated against the below types of validation. Validation should be specified as an array, with the type of validation used as a key, and an optional message specified as the message attrbute for that validation.

Validation Description
float Validates the data as a float. An optional boolean allowNegative attribute can be provided, allowing for negative float numbers.
integer Validates the data as an integer. An optional boolean allowNegative attribute can be provided, allowing for negative integers.
length Validates the data to be of a certain length. An integer min and max attribute must be provided, representing the minimum and maximum number of characters that must be entered.
regex Validates the data against a regular expression. A string pattern attribute must be provided, defining the regular expression to test the data against.
required Validates that the data must be entered before saving.
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