Defining Navigation

Defining Navigation

The menu items for managing the content in the admin panel.

In the backend area, entries will be listed under the Content menu item with globals listed under the Settings menu item (by default). You may control this behavior using the navigation property in the blueprint file. The following code will set an icon and specify the order of appearance.

    icon: icon-pencil
    order: 200

The following properties are supported by the navigation and primaryNavigation definition.

Property Description
label specifies the menu label localization string key, required.
order a numerical weight when determining the display order.
parent links the navigation item to a parent item using a blueprint handle.
icon an icon name from the October CMS icon collection (opens new window), optional.
iconSvg an SVG icon to be used in place of the standard icon, the SVG icon should be a rectangle and can support colors, optional.

To place an item in the Settings area, set the parent to settings. The category definition can be a string or a settings constant reference, eg. CATEGORY_COLLECTIONS.

    parent: settings
    category: Collections

To place an item in the Content area, set the parent to content.

    parent: content

To place the item as a primary navigation item. A primaryNavigation definition is needed.

    label: Blog
    icon: icon-copy
    order: 500

    label: Main Menu Item

To place the item as a secondary navigation item. The parent property should specify the UUID or handle of a primary navigation item.

    parent: <handle|uuid>

To disable the secondary navigation, define the primaryNavigation for a single blueprint without it being a parent for any other blueprints.

    label: Page
    icon: icon-magic
    order: 500

You may also completely disable the navigation by setting the navigation property to false.

navigation: false
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