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Image Resizer

# Introduction

October CMS ships with an image resizer that lets you change the shape and size of supported images. To resize an image, use the open method on the Resizer facade to target a file path.

$image = Resizer::open('path/to/image.jpg');

You may also pass an uploaded file from the page request input.

$image = Resizer::open(Input::file('field_name'));

To resize the image, call the resize method on the object to perform the resize. The first argument is the image width, the second argument is the image height and the third argument is an array of resize parameters options.

$image->resize(800, 600, ['mode' => 'crop']);

The width and height arguments are also optional, for example, to use the existing width and only adjust the height, pass the second argument as null. This value is then calculated using original image ratio (automatic proportional scaling) based on the mode option.

$image->resize(800, null, [...]);

Finally, use the save method to save the resized image to a new location.


Note: There is also a |resize markup filter that can be used for resizing images in your themes.

# Resize Parameters

The following elements are supported in the options array are supported:

Key Description Default Options
mode How the image should be fitted to dimensions auto exact, portrait, landscape, auto, fit, or crop
offset Offset the crop of the resized image [0,0] [left, top]
quality Quality of the resized image 90 0-100
sharpen Amount to sharpen the image 0 0-100

# Available Modes

The mode option allows you to specify how the image should be resized. The available modes are as follows:

Mode Description
auto Automatically choose between portrait and landscape based on the image's orientation
exact Resize to the exact dimensions given, without preserving aspect ratio
portrait Resize to the given height and adapt the width to preserve aspect ratio
landscape Resize to the given width and adapt the height to preserve aspect ratio
crop Crop to the given dimensions after fitting as much of the image as possible inside those
fit Fit the image inside the given maximal dimensions, keeping the aspect ratio