Installing with Laravel Sail

Installing with Laravel Sail

Learn how to install October CMS with a local Docker environment.

Since the web server runs seperately from your operating system, commands are called using sail artisan instead of php artisan.

Laravel Sail (opens new window) is a command-line interface for interacting with a local Docker development environment. It helps you get started by automating the process of setting up the web server and database. These instructions teach you how to use Sail and October CMS together to get up and running.

# Getting Started

The instructions to install Sail will differ depending on your operating system. Also a different build URL is used to install October CMS. By default this URL only installs the base environment with a MySQL service.

Replace example-app with any directory name and this is where October CMS will be installed.

curl -s "" | bash

With this different URL in mind, get started by following the specific Laravel guide for your operating system.

Once everything is ready, you are prompted to run these commands to start the web server.

cd example-app
./vendor/bin/sail up

Next, open another console window, navigate to the same directory and run these commands to install October CMS. The database settings are preconfigured and ready to go.

./vendor/bin/sail artisan october:install

After the installation is complete, open the website using the http://localhost address.

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