Form UI

The hint UI element identical to the partial element but renders inside a hint container that can be dismissed by the user.

    type: hint
    path: content_field

The following properties are supported.

Property Description
label title text for the section.
comment secondary text for the section.
mode visual display mode, as either: tip, info, warning, danger, success. Default: info.
path path to a partial view file.

A hint supports content inline to the field. The label and comment values are optional and contain the content for the heading and subheading. You may also use Markdown syntax for the values.

    type: hint
    mode: tip
    label: Pro Tip
    comment: Always check to make sure this field is populated.

The mode property supports the values: tip, info, warning, danger, success

    type: hint
    mode: warning
    label: Always wash your hands
    comment: This is good for stopping the spread of germs.
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