Content Fields

Content Fields

Get started by defining form fields for your content.

Content Fields are the cornerstone of the Tailor module and define how a field should be configured and displayed. These definitions are often found under the fields property of a blueprint.

        label: Full Name
        type: text

A complete list of available fields can be found in the Backend Elements section.

For each field you can specify these common properties, where applicable.

Property Description
label a name when displaying the form field to the user.
type defines how this field should be rendered, see form field definitions. Default: text.
span aligns the form field to one side. Options: auto, left, right, row, full, adaptive. Default: full.
spanClass used with the span row option to display the form as a Bootstrap grid, for example, spanClass: col-xs-4.
size specifies a field size for fields that use it, for example, the textarea field.
placeholder if the field supports a placeholder value.
comment places a descriptive comment below the field.
commentAbove places a comment above the field.
commentHtml allow HTML markup inside the comment. Options: true, false.
default specify the default value for the field. For dropdown, checkboxlist, radio and balloon-selector widgets, you may specify an option key here to have it selected by default.
tab assigns the field to a tab.
validation defines validation rules for the form field, see the validation article for rule definitions.
trigger specify conditions for this field using trigger events.
preset allows the field value to be initially set by the value of another field, converted using the input preset converter.

# List and Filter Properties

When it comes to displaying a field in a list or filter, each field has its own default settings. You may override these settings with these properties.

Property Description
column defines how to display the field in a list, see list column definitions.
scope defines how to display the field in a filter, see filter scope definitions.

If the column or scope values are set to false then the field will not be displayed in either.

    type: textarea
    column: false

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