Reuse content field definitions over and over again.

Mixins are groups of fields that are used to avoid repetition when defining content structures. For example, a Location field may be used in several places, yet we can define it once using a mixin definition.

The following defines a Location collection with Country (country_code) and State (state_code) text fields.

handle: Fields\Location
name: Location

        label: Country
        type: text

        label: State
        type: text

The following properties are supported by the mixin blueprint.

Property Description
handle A meaningful and unique code to identify the entry.
name The label to display when working with this entry.
fields form fields belonging to the group, see backend form fields.

# Using the Mixin

To include these fields in your entries, like any other form field, use the type of mixin and reference the UUID in the source property.

    type: mixin
    source: 6d6a5efa-3ce7-4b9d-bddc-ac48867552cb

You may also reference the mixin by its handle.

    type: mixin
    source: Fields\Location
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